There are always those people that beg for attention by posting about their depression and their anxieties, especially their problems.
Example: Omg I relapsed… I really need someone to love me so I can stop this…

That shit pisses me off like no other. Because of people like that, I try my best not to voice my problems or troubles, except on here where I’m hoping people can learn from my choices, mistakes, and life experiences.

Today I realized just how much makeup I wear. I went downtown, which is something I do a lot, but this time I didn’t wear any makeup. Only one person recognized me. Which in some ways felt good, because there are people down there that I don’t want to talk to. But I’ll tell you what, it was really shocking. I didn’t Really know what To do about it. it’s strange To think that someone like me Can go Completely unnoticed if i choose to Make a tiny decision like That.

It’s a Bit depressing, but kind of a good thing I guess? i’m honestly not Really sure how to feel about It.