I’ve been having some technical difficulties, that’s why I haven’t posted much.

The past week has been pretty eventful, my mom started her daycare, so she’s been pretty busy with her new kids.
There is a lot of drama at work, So many people have left. It’s really a bummer because I really like some of those people, and now I won’t see them anymore.
I’m making my invitations for my birthday party, and I keep shortening the guest list because I don’t actually want certain people there. It’s really strange to think that I’m gonna have one of the biggest events of my life, and my family won’t be there.
Not to mention the issues I’m having with my sister, things haven’t been getting better which is an all-around bummer.
There’s also the bit about some of my friends hating me because of some decisions I’ve been making.
Or the part about me deciding that meaningless sex is stupid, that I need to end my ‘no-dating’ rule. I need to become a good person again, and settle down with a guy that cares about me, I deserve that. Right?