My sister decided to move out. She’s gonna have to get emancipated to do it, but she’s going to try. I honestly don’t think that a judge will sign off on it, because she’s flunking out of high school, and her job isn’t really that stable. But I can’t live with her nonetheless, so I’m also moving out. The only difference is that I’m not having screaming matches with my mom, calling the family names and putting them in danger, and I’m nearly 18. She’s sixteen and knows nothing about anything. I don’t really think there’s a point to telling you guys any of this, it’s not like you need to know or can even help me with this. I don’t even want help. I honestly want her to move. As soon as possible.

I practically raised my baby brother, and she’s physically putting him in danger by being here. I refuse to let anything happen to him, so she needs to leave.

Other than that, I’ve found a dress for prom, and I’m making my own cape for it. I’m really excited.

Mr mom and my grandmother are turning my birthday party into a graduation ceremony, so we’ll see how that goes I guess. I’m not exactly happy with that, so I’m hoping we can find a compromise.

Thanks for reading,
Allie. ❤